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Eden Center Receives Official Virginia Historical Marker

The Virginia Historical Commission (VHC) has recognized Vietnamese Immigrants in Northern Virginia as a significant part of Virginia history by awarding it an Official Virginia Historical Marker. The designation honors Vietnamese Immigrants in Northern Virginia as an important and educational part of local history.

A dedication ceremony to commemorate the event will be held on May 24, 2022 at Eden Center at 3:30PM. Speakers for the afternoon will include Mayor David Tarter, Trinh Nguyen Mau, Chairman of the Vietnamese Senior Citizen’s Association, and Alan B. Frank, Sr. VP and General Counsel of Capital Commercial Properties, Inc. The Eden Center will host the ceremony and welcomes the public to share in and witness this exciting historical event.

CE-Nexus Magazine

On April 25, 2021, Capital Commercial Properties, Inc. and Eden Center, Inc. founded by Norman Ebenstein and currently run by president Douglas Ebenstein celebrated 10 years with our Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Graham Eddy. We look back at an interview from 2012 with E-Nexus Magazine regarding the Eden Center shopping center.

Recognition for Capital Commercial Properties President Douglas Ebenstein

Check out this recent article published by Galvan Real Estate & Services about Douglas Ebenstein, President of Capital Commercial Properties, discussing the many reasons to work with Doug and his team at Capital Commercial Properties.

Capital Commercial Properties is proud to own and manage Eden Center shopping center located in Falls Church, Virginia, conveniently located minutes from the nation’s capital.

Open 365 days a year, Eden Center is the place to feed your craving for everything Vietnamese. Eden Center, with over 230,000 square-feet of family-run retail stores and eateries is the largest Vietnamese shopping center in the East Coast and among the biggest and the best Vietnamese shopping centers in USA. Over forty years ago, Norman Ebenstein had a vision to create a destination shopping center that was cultural hub for the Vietnamese American population in Virginia. Today, Eden Center, now managed by Norman’s son, Douglas Ebenstein, has over 130 businesses. These stores include restaurants serving cuisine from every province of Vietnam, numerous bakeries selling fresh Vietnamese delicacies and treats, jewelry stores with the very best prices on jade, gold, and other precious metal and stones, full-service beauty salons, and much more. In fact, Eden Center has grown so large that it is often referred to as Saigon Mall or the Little Saigon of the East.

Taste Vietnam through these 7 dishes at Eden Center, including banh mi, roast duck and skewers

Original Article:

Back when Cha Oc Gia Huy was just a single, slender storefront in the Little Saigon neighborhood of Garden Grove, Calif., customers visiting from the East Coast would bring coolers into the shop to haul their loot back home. Owner Huy Pham felt for his Vietnamese American clientele from the other side of the country. He knew they could visit his store maybe once or twice a year, tops, so he came up with a rather industrious plan to get food into their hands on the regular.

Eden Center Stands Against Anti-Asian Racism 

Eden Center stands against anti-Asian acts and words that have become prevalent since the Coronavirus outbreak. We stand in grief and solidarity as we all feel deep pain and anguish after the loss of life of six Asian women due to a violent attack.

As advocates for diversity and inclusion in America, we are deeply troubled by the stigmatization of Asian Americans, many of whom have faced blame for the pandemic solely due to their racial identities.

We call on all segments of American populations including businesses, academic institutions, religious groups, non-profits, local, regional and national governments, and all who believe in the shared values of a civil society, to denounce harassment and hostility against Asian Americans. We believe together we can help build a world where people live with dignity and thrive.

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